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Beginners Acrylic Nails Course

Beginners Acrylic Nails Course

£499.00 Regular Price
£374.00Sale Price

*courses are non refundable once started*

The theory side of the course will be sent over via email to be completed.

This includes-

Introduction to acrylic nails

Anatomy of the nail

Healthy and safety

Product information and usage

Step by step guide of prepping & acrylic application.

Once completed a date will be scheduled for you to attend your first 1-2-1 practice training with an experienced qualified nail tech.

The course Is split into 2 sections of practical days 2 weeks apart.

Practical side full details-

Day 1- you will attend 9:30am-2:30pm

We will go over the basic information of health & saftey, products and there usage, along with the anatomy of the nail structure

We will then practice -

*Bead ratio, pick up and placement

* Prepping of the natural nail prior to acrylic application

* Filing and shaping of the 5 main nail shaped( square, coffin, almond, rounded, stiletto)

* Full prep & acrylic application using core powders along with filing and shaping to finish.

* Safe & profession removal of acrylic nails

You will also receive various tutorial videos to help with practice

❌This will be done on your own hands so please ensure you do NOT have any nail polish, gel or acrylics on, on the day of practical.

Day 2-

You will attend 9:30am -2:30pm

Learning more advanced methods of acrylic application

We will go over everything previously taught on day one to ensure you are fully confident in application of basic acrylic

* Smile lines & Ombre will be the new techniques learned on this day

You will also receive tutorial videos to help when practicing

The course is accredited and insurable with ABT so once completed you can obtain your own insurance.

🤩T&Cs & Arranged payment plans-

Payments can be discussed and spread over 2 m

Practical training- Upon booking of the course dates and times will be set to do the practical training once dates have been set. It is down to you as a student to make sure you arrive on time for the scheduled dates-

*Rearranging of practical dates or times will obtain a £69 fee to be paid before scheduling alternate dates.

This must be paid within 2 weeks and the rescheduled date arranged

* Failure to show up on your practical days will result in a £69 fee to be paid before alternate dates are arranged.

This must be paid within 2 weeks of initial practical day

Should a student no show or rearrange more than once,

may result in a termination of the course and all money paid will be lost.

Please stick to the days and times arranged.

Finally as a student it is paramount to practice the application method learned during the practical days this will ensure you gain confidence and experience in acrylic and/or gel application.

After each practical day you will give given case studies to complete with a timeframe if this is not done you will be unable to attend the following practical training day and this will result in a £69 fee to rearrange dates.

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